Positivity, Courage & Resilience are some of the dictionary words that we use all the time.  However, when we see someone living these words, that becomes story worth telling & sharing.

Christa Evans, a Pediatrician & Specialist Emergency Physician from Gold Coast Hospital was diagnosed with Breast Cancer & that is start of her story….

Our associate journalist ( also pursuing career in acting ) Madison Marneros,  interviewed Christa to find out more about her journey when diagnosed with cancer.

Thanks Christa for sharing your journey with Team of Achievers, you are truly inspirational.


Do you know any other Christa Evans who can inspire us. Please let us know – we are committed to bring all achievers of the world on single platform.

One Humble Request : If you liked this story, please share entire link of this page & NOT JUST the youtube link as in this way, all the people who worked directly – indirectly to make this possible get credit, from our Junior web developer to Senior Journalist. Thank You.


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  1. Felicity Duran

    This is a special interview especially hearing “the journey” from a doctor’s perspective.
    I know Christa well and met her just after her surgery. She is incredibly strong, supportive, generous, caring and these are just a few adjectives she deserves!!