In October 2014 Prime Minister of India announced biggest ever campaign of its kind “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” ( Clean India Campaing ) , he requested each & every individual of India to participate & also announced that he will personally select brand ambassadors for this campaign.

Misari Trivedi, 9 year old girl from Ahmedabad city was watching this big announcement on TV as well. Misari, daughter of eminent surgeon couple of Ahmedabad, was smart enough to understand the context of the news and what Prime minister of India is talking about. However, she wasn’t sure about the concept of “brand ambassador”.

When she got a chance she asked her mother about what is brand ambassador & her mother’s explanation got her excited , but now she faced another problem – how can she become brand ambassador of India for this campaign. Seeing her confusion , her mother, Dr.Astha explained to her that everyone can contribute to this campaign in their own capacity  – well that helped Misari a bit but not much.

While enjoying lazy Sunday morning few days after this announcement – she saw sweeper sweeping her street from the window. There was lot of garbage that sweeper was collecting – which we are sure a problem for sweeper but it turned out to be light bulb moment for little cutie but determined Misari.  She decided to become brand ambassador of her street.

On the same evening original plan was to go & attend one family function , but when Misari’s dad , Dr.Kalpesh Trivedi , went to her room to check if she is ready or not , found her all dressed up for party but busy drawing something. Misari declined to go to party & instead by night completed few creative  posters, best she can in short time, advertising clean street campaign & encouraging her society/street residents to keep their street clean.






By placing these posters on the wall, she cemented her name as brand ambassador of the street  – it not only encouraged residents of her own streets , news spread further & she became famous in their local community. However, Misari was having one more plan in her mind, she wanted personal commitment.

Misari’s next step:  she picked up blank A4 & visited each & every home of her street , explained everyone about importance of keeping street clean & asked them to put their signature as commitment to the street.


Though the act & Misari are small, it really shows big heart & big determination of Misari.

Well done Misari  !!!


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