If you put passion for travelling / tracking, photography, sketching & painting together, blend very well and deep, what you will get is “Shivani Prajapati”.

Shivani, a college student from Ahmedabad India, is a girl full of life.




No doubt she is multitalented personality but her first talent / interest was in sketching & painting. Right from her school life she was impressing her art teachers with her sketches. Shivani first started by observing things around her and trying to replicate it through her paintings & soon she took off.

Her teachers were very impressed with her sketches and paintings. One of her teacher encouraged her to appear in different school and other competitions & as expected Shivani got 3rdrank in one of state level painting for specific painting style called “free hand”.

We managed to get some of her sketches that earned her high praise.


Interestingly she never learned sketching / painting professionally or otherwise. She learned sketching & painting all by herself. Well if you are impressed by this fact and her sketches, now look at her amazing  colour painting.

While in the college she joined likeminded friends in tracking trip to Kullu Manali, one of the most beautiful high altitude town of India. She felt in sync with the atmosphere. Enjoying beauty of Kullu Manali she also tried her hand on her new-found interest in Photography. She took some stunning pictures of the place looking at Kullu Manali from her artistic eyes.



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