If you google for disease named “cerebral palsy” & go in google images you will see many images of disability. What we are going to show you today is images of ability , powerfulness & positivity of person despite having  “cerebral palsy” – commonly known as CP in medical world.

Please meet Pranjal Vyas.



Pranjal was born premature with  “spastic cerebral palsy” which affected his lower limbs. However his parents were determined to raise Pranjal as normal child but with added dose of positivity. There were many occasions were others pass

on negative remarks on Pranjal’s condition but Pranjal’s parents fought it back & kept faith in God.

Pranjal started growing up & going through different medical treatments at different hospitals & clinics. While all these medical treatments were helping him physically , Pranjal’s parents & Pranjal himself were working on his mentality and attitude. Pranjal’s parents connected him to religious teachings & gurus to bring out best in him & fruits of this endeavors started showing up.

Pranjal entered normal school and picked up study well like other students. Throughout his school life Pranjal faced some difficult classmates however he also developed some best friendships & love from teachers. Pranjal shared one of such experience with us – while in school year 9 , school announced 2 day picnic. Pranjal never been to any picnic & was interested in going.  Some of his classmates & teachers were bit reluctant to take him along as they must ensure special care if he joins. Seeing this Pranjal himself cancelled his plan. When his 3 best friends & a teacher came to know this, they got together & decided that they will form a team to look after Pranjal while on trip. This small gesture created ever lasting memory for Pranjal.


Influenced heavily by powerful writings of Swami Vivekananda and Chanakya – Pranjal continued his academic journey & entered in to Government polytechnic to study Diploma in Information Technology. While studying diploma , Pranjal also started giving speeches on positivity on special requests to youth who need counselling. Not limiting his studies just to what is taught in college Pranjal was also reading books from well known authors in information technology.

On finishing his diploma, Pranjal started putting his theory in to practice as well as teach others. He is currently delivering lectures to newbies on security , web design & internet technologies.








Pranjal, full of positivity and enthusiasm now interested in taking his next step – “Bachelor in Information Technology” because for him there are no barriers – only life worth living & he is always excited about what is yet to come.

Let us know if you know another Pranjal in any part of the world – we are committed to bring all young achievers of the world on the single platform.


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