In a typical neighborhood, there is typical group of young kids who generally get together every day & play typical games.

This is definitely not true for neighborhood where Siddharth Sheth lives.

Siddharth & his friends, living in the same apartment building , were generally getting together to play every day. One day, these bunch of school year 8 / 9 students , were playing as usual  but after a while got tired, stopped playing and were chatting. Their topic of discussion turned to “what else they play / do”. They decided to do some creative stuff using available gadgets & something that challenges them as well as entertain them. They started video shooting & editing.

Siddharth was getting busy with his handycam & editing videos on his laptop – his parents were worried as to why their son is not focusing on study & not playing normal games.

Siddharth started editing videos initially on windows media player. He & His friends were shooting basic stuffs like copying plot from famous TV serial and shooting with friends.


Slowly and gradually he started perfecting his videos by going them over and over again & fine tuning them. Siddharth and his friends then started creating video clips that conveys good message  & showing it to extended friends and families for reviews & gathered some important feedback.

Siddharth was balancing his study & his shootings best he can but his parents were still bit skeptical & suggested him to focus on study more. To address that Siddharth working with his friends found creative solution again – in true professional style comes a weekly shooting schedule.

Siddharth’s most of the creative journey was through self-learning so far but now to add touch of extra professionalism, Siddharth did course on Multimedia 2D / 3D designing and animation.


With good reviews / responses coming on youtube channel – Siddharth was now working on creating professional looking short film. However the challenge again was to maintain low budget but still create something that is as crisp as movie created by big budget directors using expensive equipment.

Siddharth’s creativity & expertise in animation / graphics combined with great team work by all the friends delivered short film “The right step” which gathered very high reviews & respect from Critics and Film experts.






Great work Siddharth , Best of luck buddy.

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  1. Rajendra Sheth

    Congratulations to Siddharth for his best performance to editing video.
    Thanks to to support and motivation.